The most common question before a family portrait session is about what to wear. Clothing is very personal and will say a lot about your family’s personality so the most important thing is to dress in clothes you feel comfortable in, however we do offer a few suggestions. Check out my Pinterest board for more help.

Avoid busy Patterns

Busy patterns and branded items can distract from you and your family. Go for neutral colours.

Choose a colour palette

This works quite well to keep the images balanced. Having everyone in similar 2 or 3 colours works great. Co-ordinating but not matching is key. 

Test the outfits together

Laying out everyones outfits together can really help to see it they are going to work well as a group.

Consider your home decor

Think about the room your going to hang your portraits in – Will the colours and textures in your outfit work with those in your home?

Smart Casual is usually best

These pictures are going to be hanging on your walls for years to come, going for smart, simple clothing will help to give your images a timeless feel.

Take time for yourself

Clients have often told me that taking some time for themselves to do their hair, make-up and nails before the session can help make them feel at ease. Some even book themselves into a local salon the morning of the session to make the occasion extra-special.