In The Studio

Please be aware that as baby generally spends a lot of these sessions unclothed to capture those cute back rolls and squidgy thighs, I make sure the studio is nice and warm at ** degrees to keep baby settled and happy. 

As for the times baby will be clothed, I have wraps and a few outfits, however if you have any outfits or props you would like in the photos, please do bring them along to the portrait session. It’s always lovely to have personal items in the photos such as homemade blankets, wedding rings or the parents childhood story books.

Prepping Baby

The best recipe for a successful newborn portrait session is a relaxed, sleepy baby. I generally suggest that you try to keep baby awake for as long as possible prior to the session and hold off on a feed right up until you arrive. I understand this can be difficult but if it can be managed it will really help the session run smoothly.

Prepping yourself

If you would like to be in the photos, I advise smart-casual dress with neutral colours, however the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. This is also a perfect excuse to get yourself glammed up for probably the first time since having your little one. Taking some time for yourself to do your hair, make-up and nails before the session can help you feel at ease in front of the camera. Some of my clients even book themselves into a local salon the morning of the session to make the occasion extra-special.

Prepping your home

If you are having life-style photos in your home, it's best to have as few distracting objects out as possible - while these photos are meant to look like real life, you don't want to be drawn to that colourful, plastic toy or TV remote in the corner of the photo. Declutter - put everything in a cupboard or even in the corner of the room, change your bed sheets to a plain, neutral set.

We will be relying on natural light in the house so open up your curtains, turn on lamps and fairy lights.

A lot of new parents worry during the session...expect that this will take sometime, baby will cry, make a mess and some poses won’t work out- that is totally normal and despite this, we will make some beautiful photos. Patience is key.